Web Aficionado » Goutam Dey, Kolkata, India

A web evangelist from Kolkata, India imbibing web for living and exploring all facets of web development with the thin client suffering with IE phobia while taking webkit medication. A apple fan sleep with MBP chasing dream of enterprise class RIA with J2EE, Spring and JQuery. Fonds of venting out boredom of project management and delivery management by agile sprinting and spawning instances of node(js), LAMP, Drupal, UX, usability. Loves to introspect and recalling sweet and sour experience with extjs, Flex and past. Get thrilled about photography , technology and his family.

Process is a poor substitute for competence
Organizations don’t get things done. Plans and programs don’t get things done. Only people get things done. Organizations, plans, and programs either help or hinder people. — Admiral Hyman G. Rickover